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Integrative psychotherapist in Brooklyn, NY providing individual counseling for adults of all ages.

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Jocelyn T. Schwartz, LMHC

Psychotherapist in Brooklyn, NY

My goal as a therapist is to help you strengthen your sense of self by engaging your creativity and spirit. Therapy is an avenue for spiritual and emotional growth and, working through a culturally-responsive and antiracist lens, I utilize different methods to help you integrate your mind, body and spirit. Our work together may include the use of expressive arts, breathing exercises, EMDR and humor to help you feel a sense of freedom and wholeness. Expressive arts, breathing exercises and EMDR can help us process painful experiences, increase resilience, get in touch with our higher selves and move toward a more fulfilling life. A sense of humor can open up new perspectives and remind us of our capacity for joy.

I work well with clients who enjoy utilizing their creativity, whether it’s through their primary career or outside of work. Creativity can take many forms, and getting in touch with what helps you feel alive is healing. Healing is a daily practice, and I help clients find or strengthen tools to use between sessions.

Whether you are feeling unfulfilled, experiencing a life transition, or feel that painful past experiences are holding you back from living a full life, the potential for healing and moving forward is within you.

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